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Cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN...)

Cannabis contains a number of cannabinoids, of which the most abundant are THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol). The active ingredient, which gets you high, is THC. In the plant, CBD is a precursor and CBN a metabolite of THC. As cannabis gets older, THC gradually breaks down to CBN.

THC is the substance found to have most psychoactive effect, and also the most effect on symptoms such as pain or bronchospasm. CBN and CBD are not psychoactive themselves, however CBD can take the edge off a THC high, tending to relax the user rather than increasing anxiety and paranoia. CBD has also been found to have anticonvulsant properties (potential value in treating epilepsy, MS, muscle spasms etc), and recently published research has indicated CBD to be effective in reducing neurotoxic brain damage following strokes or head trauma. The proposed mechanism of action also suggests CBD may offer some protection against ecstasy-derived neurotoxicity (long-term depletion of serotonergic receptors), although this has not specifically been investigated. CBD is normally present in significant quantities in hashish (cannabis resin), although in most herbal cannabis or "skunk" the levels of CBD are usually low or absent.

In general, Cannabis Sativa has lower levels of CBD and higher levels of THC. Cannabis Indica has higher amounts of CBD and lower amounts of THC than sativa.

Strains (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid)

Marijuana produced by indica plants is generally higher in CBD and lower in THC. 
This means marijuana from a pure Cannabis indica strain will produce a heavier, sleepy type of feel. Indica's are great for relaxation, stress relief, and for an overall sense of calm and serenity. cannabis indica's are also very effective for overall body pain relief, and often used in the treatment of insomnia. They are the late - evening choice of many patients as an all - night sleep aid.

Indica  3/09/15

Mystery Kush #1 $8.00

Mystery Kush #2 $10gm 

Mystery kush #3 $10gm

Critical Kush $12.50gm

Strawberry OG Kush $12.50gm

Kosher Kush $15gm

Marijuana produced by sativa plants is generally higher in THC and lower in CBD than indica plants. Sativa strain is often characterized as uplifting and energetic . The effects of a sativa cannabis are mostly cerebral. They give a feeling of optimism and well - being, as well as providing a good measure of pain relief. Because sativa strains may cause feelings of alertness and optimism, many patients prefer to medicate with this type of cannabis during the day. 

Sativa 3/09/15

Silver Diesel $8.0gm

Death Star $8.0gm

Goji OG Kush $12.50gm

The Flav $15gm

Hybrid strains of cannabis are blends, through selective cross pollination of the indica and sativa strains. All of our hybrids are created by means of cross pollination and not through laboratory genetic manipulation. Hybrids may trend towards having more indica characteristics than sativa, in which case the cross will be called I/S, with the I appearing first in the description. Likewise, those crosses that trend more heavily toward the sativa characteristics will be called S/I, with the S appearing first in the description. Hybrids often bring the best traits of both subspecies of the cannabis plant. Often it may prove worthwhile to try a variety of hybrid buds to hone in on your particular and individual taste and medical requirements, as each is quite unique, due to the blending of characteristics.

Hybrid 3/09/15
Strawberry OG Kush (60S/40I) $12.50gm

Corleone Kush (SFV OG Kush X Pre 98 Bubba Kush) I (60I/40S) $12.50gm

Kosher Kush (Kosher X OG Kush) I (80I/20S) $15gm

Whitefire OG Kush (Whitefire X  OG Kush) S (60S/40I) $15gm

Sour OG Kush (OG Kush X Sour Diesel) I (60I/40S) $15gm

Concentrates are exactly what their name suggests – a more concentrated form of the active components found in medical cannabis (THC and other cannabinoids).
Medical cannabis concentrates come in many different varieties including: 

Kief – Containing a very high concentration of THC, kief refers to the loose, dry crystalline trichomes from medicinal marijuana buds. Kief is usually yellowish in color and can be compressed or rolled to make hash.

Hash – Hash is made by compressing resin glands or trichomes (kief) from the cannabis plant. Hash varies in softness and color depending on a a number of factors including its preparation, what strain it was derived from and where the originating plant was grown. Hash is found in many forms from powder to harder products, and is extremely versatile. 

Hash Oil – Hash oil is an extremely concentrated product made through a cannabis extraction process. Hash oil is a very potent medication and should, like all other medicinal marijuana products, be used with care.

Wax – Said to be the most pure medicinal cannabis product available, medicinal marijuana wax can contain over 80% THC. Similar to Hash Oil, MMJ Wax needs to be used with care, and the recommended amount for use is about the amount you can fit on a pinhead. However due to modern science there are even a more pure form of Concentrate. This form of Concentrate has Been tested  around 84-87 THC % it's also know (DAB), because all you need is a little dab. It's also known as BHO Satter. (The most Pure& potent Concentrate available

Tincture – Many medical marijuana patients are happy to learn about tinctures of cannabis.  A tincture is an alcohol-based liquid mixture. It is like a concentrated extract.  Currently there are tinctures of cannabis made with alcohol, oil or glycerin.  It is a very effective way to use medical cannabis.  Drops of the tincture are placed under the tongue (sublingually) and the medication passes through the blood vessels and enters the bloodstream.  You will feel the onset of effects in about 5 – 15 minutes with the peak effect at about 30 minutes after taking the medication.  For many patients, the effects are similar to inhaled cannabis. Patients who require quick relief of pain (i.e. for migraine headaches) find that the rapid onset is very helpful.  Patients who are unhappy or uncomfortable with the smoking aspects of marijuana use also enjoy the tinctures.

Other Cannabis Concentrates – Kief, hash, hash oil and wax can be combined in different ways to create other concentrate products with varying consistencies like jellies, taffy and thick/thin oils.

Concentrates 3/09/15
OG Kush BHO Shatter $50gm

Mediables 3/09/15
Tropical Fruit Hard Candy Pack $5

Brownies W/Chocolate Chip $5

Peanut butter Cookies $5

Blondies $5

Cheese Cake Brownie $5

Cinnamon Strudel Muffin $5